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Use of IB in Biosurfactants

While biosurfactants represent a small share of the global surfactants market at present, a series of leading producers have entered the market and are currently investing in product development.

Solvay MBA events & info-sessions

Follow Solvay Brussels School during the summer!

Kapazitätsmärkte: Frankreichs Modell und seine Auswirkungen auf Deutschland

Frankreich hat unlängst die Einführung eines „dezentralen“ Kapazitätsmarktes beschlossen.

YOUNG EUROPEANS: We stand for sustainability and eco-justice !

YOUNG EUROPEANS: We stand for sustainability and eco-justice !

Prospects for the Periphery under Banking and Monetary Union 2014-2019

The period leading up to 2014 has witnessed a transformation in the institutional framework supporting the Euro and EMU.

The future is electric

On 10-11 September, come and find out how electricity utilities today are reshaping our energy system for tomorrow: making it cleaner, more innovative and closer to customers.

OUT TO SEA. A REFLECTION OVER 500 YEARS Venice the Jews and European Culture 1516–2016

Sotto l’Alto patronato del Presidente della Commissione europea Josè Manuel Barroso, ho il piacere di invitarLa all’inaugurazione dell’evento “OUT TO SEA.

EUPRERA annual congress

The final program is online...

European Conference on the Future Internet (ECFI)

Join the Grand Opening of the FI-WARE Accelerator Programme in Munich on 17-18 September 2014.

CAAC Working Group “Creative Cities”

Looking to the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities for inspiration, Plymouth College of Art will play host to a conference on Creative Cities in the Atlantic Area, to learn from each other, share best...

A House of Wood at the European Parliament

The European Woodworking Sector:  An industry of European tradition, offering jobs, growth, and modern solutions to environmental and climate challenges.

CO2-based Chemicals Production using Industrial Biotechnology

CO2 holds great potential as a feedstock for chemicals production using IB processes because CO2 is available in abundance throughout Europe and its use does not compete with the food chain.

Evaluating the impact of IFRS in the EU

Evaluating the impact of IFRS in the EU

25 September,

Hosted by Theodor Dumitru Stolojan, MEP

European Energy Security Forum EuroSEF-2014

Date: 26 September 2014