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Putin's Russia: Soviet Union reloaded?

The Russian constitution declares the Russian Federation to be a democratic and social state under the rule-of-law.

Food for Thought Series: Turkey: sailing from bad to worse?

The Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies cordially invites you to a Food for Thought event entitled ‘Turkey: sailing from bad to worse?’

1st European Conference on the Future Internet - ECFI

The 1st European Conference on the Future Internet (ECFI) in Brussels on 2-3 April 2014 aims at bringing together key stakeholders to discuss how Europe can achieve global...

Crowdfunding Workshop for Media Professionals

The Future Media Lab, a think tank initiative in Brussels, is proud to announce our next crowdfunding workshop.

Food for Thought Series: From Reform to Growth – The Post-Crisis EU Economy With OECD Senior Economist Eckhard Wurzel

The Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies cordially invites you to a new Food for Thought event entitled ‘From Reform to Growth – The Post-Crisis EU Economy’.

Launch of Neurobiotech: Press Conference at European Parliemanet, April 2, 2014

The Neuromed-led project "Neurobiotech”, aims at setting up an International Research and Innovation Community on Neuroscience.

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) - How can technical standards support?

The Regulation No 1025/2012 on European standardization applied from 1 January 2013.

COGEN Europe Annual Conference & Dinner

COGEN Europe’s Annual Conference brings together leading EU policymakers, industry representatives and influential thinkers to discuss the challenges facing the energy sector and its contribution to achieving the EU’...

Regulation on European Standardization – The First Year

The Regulation No 1025/2012 on European standardization applied from 1 January 2013.

8. Berliner Rede zur Freiheit

Donnerstag, 03. April 2014
17.00 Uhr

Allianz Forum
Pariser Platz 6
10117 Berlin

Les citoyens font l'inventaire de l'Europe à Evry, Vendredi 4 avril !

Au programme de cette cinquième édition, ce vendredi 4 avril 2014 à Evry, conduite par le Mouvement Européen-France et Notre Europe-Institut Jacques Delors, en partenariat avec la section du ME-F-Essonne :...

Predictive Power of Marine Science in a Changing Climate

This strategic event focuses on the current capabilities of the predictive tools and programmes aimed at describing the future scenarios of the marine environment changes, and at identifying the gaps in our present...

Conference Religion in Public Life

The Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies cordially invites you to the conference ‘Religion in Public Life.’ The conference will focus on the role of religion in public life. 

Religion in Public Life

The Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies cordially invites you to the conference ‘Religion in Public Life.’ The conference will focus on the role of religion in public life. 

Are future treaty revisions possible?

The European economic crisis revived the discussion on future treaty revision.


ICAEW is delighted to invite you to the second seminar in our series on ‘A Better International Tax System: EU Perspectives’ on 8 April focused on taxation for innovation.

Harnessing European Labour Mobility – towards the goal of a common European labour market

The free movement of workers, while being one of the EU’s key success stories, remains the topic of heated debates.

Tutorial: Project Cycle Management: A Technical Guide

Target group

PIRATES OF THE SKY. The corners cut by low cost airlines

Public Hearing on

"Pirates of the Sky: the corners cut by low cost airlines"

Minority Rights in Ukraine

1 April 2014, Brussels – Nearly a month ago, Russia invaded the Crimean peninsula under the pretext of defending minority rights. In the subsequent days, the concept of self-determination was given a new meaning.

EU-GCC High Level Policy Conference

European Union-Gulf Cooperation Council trade and investment trends are becoming increasingly important today.

Conférence parlementaire sur la Politique des déchets

Chantal JOUANNO, ancienne secrétaire d’État à l’Écologie, sénatrice de Paris, et Gérard MIQUEL, sénateur du Lot, président du Conseil national des déchets présideront la Conférence parlementaire sur le thème : "...

Duel pour la Commission Européenne sur France 24 et RFI

France 24 et RFI proposent en exclusivité le premier face-à-face européen entre Martin Schulz, candidat des Socialistes et Démocrates, et Jean-Claude Juncker, candidat du Parti populaire européen.

"Battle for your vote"

Battle for YOUR vote!

Pat Cox: Winning Referendums

Anticipating the referendum on Britain’s membership in the EU, Pat Cox, former President of the European Parliament, who was the National Campaign Director of Ireland for Europe, will share his experience of...

European Public Procurement Reform: The New Directives

Target group

Security Challenges for the Countries of the Eastern Partnership in the New Geopolitical Context: civil society perspective

This event of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum will focus on the following areas:


Two unique surveys published by EUROCHAMBRES and TOBB on EU-Turkey relations from the perspectives of the business community from both the EU and Turkey will be presented at a Conference in Brussels on 10 April ,...

Conférence parlementaire « Logement & Habitat »

Olivier CARRÉ, député du Loiret, premier adjoint au maire d’Orléans chargé du Logement, de l’urbanisme, de la prospective et des technologies de l’information, et Jean-Louis DUMONT, député de la Meuse, président de l...

A Europe in crisis. A Europe without jobs

Thursday 10 April 2014, 3.00 - 6.30 p.m.


3.00 - 4.00 p.m.

Welcome and introductions on the EP elections

Change in Public Administration? Yes We Can!

Target group

ECI DAY 2014: Building up success


The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) invites you to the

How Europol protects British citizens

How Europol protects British citizens

15 April, 18:30

Rob Wainwright, Director of EUROPOL

What policy measures for energy transition in Europe?

The Conseil Français de l'Énergie organise with the World Energy Council thursday 24 and friday 25 April in Paris the third European Energy Forum on the theme "What policy measures for energy transition in...

Conférence de presse: Non aux prêts à la Tunisie : stop à l'austérité du FMI, pour une annulation de la dette!


Humanitarian situation in Syrian Kurdistan


Abdelsalem MUSUTAFA, Democratic Union Party - PYD (Kurdish region, Syria) Representative for International Relations

What is at Stake in the European Parliament Elections in May

The European Parliament elections in May 2014 will be the most important to date. With the new powers of the European Parliament under the Lisbon Treaty, a new majority will shape EU policies in many important areas...

New initiative ‘Hearts and Minds for Europe’ aims to strengthen European democracy

You are cordially invited to attend the official launch of the 'Hearts and Minds for Europe' website. The event will take place on 23 April 2014 at 1.00 pm at the Committee of the Regions, room...

EU Economic Governance and the European Semester How Does It Work and How Does It Impact National Policies?

The one-day course explains the legal and economic foundations of the EMU and the recent reforms in economic governance resulting from the Euro-crisis and its impact on Member States’ policies.

Performance Audit in the Public Sector

Performance audits provide practitioners with a practical tool of analysing how efficiently their institutions are run in practice.

State Aid for Environmental and Energy Projects

The European Union’s State aid rules in the field of energy and environment differ significantly from State aid rules in other areas.

How to Audit Public Procurement Effectively

Misspent public money in low quality services and goods can endanger both the financial and operational integrity of an organisation.



Delegated and Implementing Acts: Practical Challenges and Legal/Institutional insights

Target group
National officials, EU officials, lawyers in private practice, in-house counsels and other stakeholders.

Services of General Economic Interest and State Aid

Target group

EU Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters: The practitioner's view

Judicial cooperation in criminal matters among EU Member States has not only become an everyday phenomenon but it is realized with an ever increased intensity.

Zu groß, um pleite zu gehen? Dauerbaustelle Bankenregulierung

Das Recht der Finanzmärkte wird seit über zwei Jahrzehnten federführend von der EU reguliert - offensichtlich mit begrenztem Erfolg.

Privates muss bleiben - wer schützt unsere Daten vor Google, NSA & Co.?

Zweifelsohne ist das Konzept der Privatsphäre eng mit dem der persönlichen Freiheit verbunden: Die Freiheit zu wählen, wie viel jeder Mensch von sich und seinem Leben preisgeben will.

TEPPFA Forum 2014

TEPPFA Forum 2014
TEPPFA in cooperation with EPPA are very glad to welcome you to the very first Green Week Satellite event 2014.

Great apprenticeships in small businesses

29 April 2014, 14.30 – 17.00

Subsidies to the power sector: Europe’s best kept secret?

We all know power technologies receive public money. But which technologies get how much, and why, has always been difficult to find out. Just how much do we know?

Eine dritte Chance für die Ukraine? Was Europa für Rechtsstaat und Demokratie tun kann

Nachdem weder die staatliche Unabhängigkeit 1991 noch die Orange Revolution 2004 erhoffte Reformen brachten, hat die Ukraine 2014 nun ihre dritte Chance auf eine demokratische...

Youth Diplomacy organise son débat pour les élections européennes !

Pour que vous puissiez chacun vous faire votre avis, le programme Europe de Youth Diplomacy organise un débat pour les élections européennes.