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NABU: „Stunde der Wintervögel“ 2019

Deutschlands größte Vogelzählung startet wieder



Progressive Society - Saving the Internet for the many not the few

Progressive Society - Saving the Internet for the many not the few.

European Energy Transition Conference

From 22 to 24 January, the 20th edition of the European Energy Transition Conference will be held in Dunkirk. As

Metal Packaging Europe presents ‘Ahead of the Pack’

The Circular Economy Package has introduced a fundamental shift in packaging and packaging waste policy, making circularity the reference point.

ERA: Europe’s Energy Transition

Climate change, energy and environmental law two years after the Paris Agreement



Mobile Meetings Series: The Mobile Industry’s perspective on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gradually emerging as a general-purpose technology.

GSMA Winter Celebration

Join us for an evening of celebration of women leaders and gender diversity in the digital era

The impact of Digital and Artificial Intelligence on audit and finance professionals: harnessing the opportunities of disruptive technologies

Finance professionals, auditors and accountants have always exploited emerging technologies to help them complete their tasks more accurately, quickly or simply: from the incised clay...

Economy in War-torn Countries: Pathways to Recovery and Reconstruction

This executive training focuses on the economic dimensions of civil wars. It explores how economic life changes amid widespread violence and state breakdown.


ETF (European Transport Workers' Federation)
Communications Officer
CEE Bankwatch Network z. s.
EU Just Transition Policy Officer
Lie Detectors
Programme Director
Clean Air Task Force (CATF)
Government Affairs Junior Associate
iEthanol, The European Industrial Ethanol & Beverage Association
Government Affairs Manager
The Whitehouse Consultancy
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