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Scotland’s Sturgeon quits to let new leader build case for independence

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-02-15 14:18
Nicola Sturgeon resigned as Scottish first minister on Wednesday (15 February), saying her dominance over her party and the country was no longer the asset it once was in the fight for an independent Scotland.
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EU Commission sends six states to court for not transposing copyright rules

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-02-15 13:39
The European Commission issued on Wednesday (15 February) 11 referrals to the EU’s Court of Justice after six member states failed to transpose copyright measures into national law.
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Russia very close to becoming dictatorship, says opposition leader Ribakov

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-02-15 12:55
Russia is "very close" to becoming a dictatorship and the longer the conflict with Ukraine continues, the more authoritarian Vladimir Putin's regime will become, Nikolai Ribakov, leader of Russia's only legal opposition party, the liberal Yabloko, told EURACTIV's partner EFE in an exclusive interview.
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EU parliament plenary halted by Kurds demanding freedom for Öcalan

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-02-15 12:14
A group of Kurds interrupted the plenary session at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, protesting and demanding freedom for jailed Kurdish politician Abdullah Öcalan on Wednesday (15 February). Öcalan is the founder of Kurdistan’s Workers Party (PKK), who has been...
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Russian journalist gets six years for accusing Moscow of Mariupol theatre bombing

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-02-15 12:14
A Russian journalist was sentenced to six years in a penal colony on Wednesday (15 February) for accusing the Russian air force of bombing a theatre in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol last April where women and children were sheltering.
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Climate-neutral buildings require efficient heating and cooling networks [Promoted content]

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-02-15 11:00
The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive is a landmark legislation to decarbonise Europe’s building stock. However, the European Parliament’s proposal for “Zero Emission Criteria” could put a brake on the use of renewable and recovered heat in District heating systems in Europe.
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EU sets out new €11b Russia sanctions, adds Iranian entities for first time

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-02-15 10:55
The EU aims to sanction seven Iranian entities cooperating with the Russian military as part of the bloc’s tenth sanction package against Russia, which is set to hit Moscow with trade bans and technology export controls worth €11 billion over its invasion of Ukraine.
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The AI Act should use humans to monitor AI only when effective

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-02-15 10:20
The EU’s proposed AI Act wants to use humans to oversee AI-generated decisions. Recent evidence suggests one should carefully test when that is even possible.
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‘Approaching crunch time’: Sluggish progress on EU fiscal rules

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-02-15 08:27
EU member state finance ministers met in Brussels on Tuesday (14 February) to discuss the reform of EU fiscal rules under time pressure, but the positions remain far apart.
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The Green Brief: France’s pro-nuclear crusade has only just begun

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-02-15 07:55
France scored an important victory this week when the European Commission tabled long-awaited rules defining what can be considered “renewable” hydrogen in the EU. This is only the start of a major offensive by Paris to crowbar nuclear into every possible piece of EU energy legislation, writes Frédéric Simon.
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Gazprom’s export revenue may fall by 50% in 2023

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-02-15 07:34
Lost European sales could halve the export revenues of Russia's Gazprom this year, meaning a steep reduction in tax income for the state, according to analysts, export data and Reuters calculations.
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Erdogan vows to rebuild after quake, rescue work winds down

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-02-15 07:15
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan vowed to press on with rescue and recovery efforts more than a week after a powerful quake ripped through his country and neighbouring Syria, with a death toll climbing to 41,000.
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Court won’t investigate Austrian far-right over Russia ties

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-02-15 06:52
In today's edition of the Capitals, find out more about the Austrian court of auditors not investigating far-right over its ties with Russia, Finland and Sweden likely deciding to give up on their joint NATO membership bid and deciding to go at it alone, and so much more.
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Russian banks and invasion leaders in focus as EU debates new sanctions

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-02-15 06:52
Representatives of the 27 European Union countries meet in Brussels on Wednesday (15 February) to discuss a new batch of sanctions against Russia, with politicians, military leaders and four more Russian banks expected to be targeted.
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EU Parliament to discuss ‘erosion’ of Greek rule of law

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-02-15 06:43
A heated debate is expected on Wednesday in the European Parliament plenary, as EU lawmakers will hold a discussion entitled “The erosion of the rule of law in Greece. The wiretapping scandal and the freedom of the press”. Speaking to...
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Court won’t investigate Austrian far-right over Russia ties

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-02-15 06:43
The Austrian court of auditors will not pursue the far-right FPÖ over allegations it received money from a Russian spin doctor in 2016 in exchange for introducing a pro-Russian proposal to parliament, citing procedural reasons. Hacked emails of a “Russian chief...
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Berlusconi faces verdict in Bunga Bunga bribe case

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-02-15 06:28
An Italian court will on Wednesday (15 February) deliver its verdict on whether former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi paid witnesses to lie in an underage prostitution case that has cast a long shadow over his political career.
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Serbia gets €165 million support package from 7EU

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-02-15 06:16
The financial agreement for the package of energy support from the EU to Serbia, worth €165 million, was signed on Tuesday with President Aleksandar Vučić saying that Serbia depends on the European Union in many ways. “I just want the...
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Major firms not doing enough to curb deforestation: report

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-02-15 06:15
Many major global firms and financial institutions that directly or indirectly contribute to deforestation do not have any policies in place to protect forests, increasing the risk for catastrophic nature loss, a report said Wednesday (15 February).
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Putin, secure in power, sets stage for long and draining war

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-02-15 06:09
Vladimir Putin casts the war in Ukraine as a watershed when Russia finally stood up to the West – but some within the elite fear he has committed his country to a long and fruitless drain on lives and resources....
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