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Irish military neutrality to be redefined, says foreign minister

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2022-03-14 05:37
Ireland’s traditional military neutrality will need to be redefined, but a referendum on it is not currently on the government’s radar, Foreign Minister Simon Coveney has said. If Ireland wishes to remain a neutral country, the foreign minister added that...
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Open up your home to Ukrainian refugees government urges

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2022-03-14 05:36
People in the UK will be offered £350 a month to open their homes to Ukrainian refugees as part of the government’s Homes for Ukraine scheme. The programme will allow Britons to sponsor a refugee or family to live in...
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Dutch municipal elections to cater to English-speaking voters

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2022-03-14 05:35
Political parties are offering information and election debates in English for residents who do not speak Dutch but are eligible to vote in the municipal elections starting on Monday. Every four years, the Netherlands holds elections to vote for their...
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‘Efforts to stage support in Ukraine for ‘the Russian world’ are failing miserably’

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2022-03-14 05:35
The Russian aggressors try to stage support for joining “the Russian world” in occupied areas, but apart from their propagandists pretending to be local citizens, nobody supports their manifestations, writes Roman Rukomeda.
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French faced with soaring fuel prices to soon receive rebate

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2022-03-14 05:35
All French citizens who use petrol will be reimbursed 15 cents per litre as of 1 April, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on Saturday to the newspaper Le Parisien in response to the surge in fuel prices exacerbated by the current...
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Bulgaria to fastrack plans to build a new nuclear reactor

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2022-03-14 05:31
The Bulgarian government will try to build at least one nuclear reactor at the functioning Kozloduy nuclear power plant on the banks of the Danube. “The Ministry of Energy has started a study for the rapid construction of another nuclear...
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Soviet war memorials take a hit across central and eastern Europe

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2022-03-14 05:30
Several cases of vandalism towards Soviet war memorials have been reported in central and eastern Europe as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. While Russian embassies were outraged, national authorities were more understanding of perpetrators. In some cases,...
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Finnish minister: EU consumers to pay ‘Putin’s prices’

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2022-03-14 05:29
The war in Ukraine may lead to increased food prices and possible supply shortages in Finland and across Europe, Economic Minister Mika Lintilä has said. In a TV interview on 12 March, Lintilä warned consumers of “Putin’s prices”. According to...
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Austrian Chancellor says EU army not going to happen

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2022-03-14 05:28
An EU army will not happen in the foreseeable future, said Austria’s Chancellor Karl Nehammer following Friday’s summit of EU leaders in Versailles. “The EU army is not an agenda item,” Nehammer told Austrian newspaper Der Standard. Following the Russian invasion...
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US warns China against ‘backfilling’ sanction-hit Russia

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2022-03-14 05:24
Russia said on Sunday (13 March) that it was counting on China to help it withstand the blow to its economy from Western sanctions over the war in Ukraine, but the United States warned Beijing not to provide that lifeline.
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‘Invisible’ soy linked to deforestation hides in animal products, report shows

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2022-03-14 04:56
Despite relatively low immediate consumption, European citizens assume a high quantity of soy indirectly mostly because of its use as animal feed, a report commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has found.
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Migrant crisis continues in Mediterranean, dozens of women and children dead

EURACTIV News - Sun, 2022-03-13 14:00
With all eyes on the influx of millions of Ukrainian refugees into Eastern Europe and beyond, the crisis in the Mediterranean is also continuing with 100 saved and dozens of women and babies drowned over the last few days.
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Global Europe Brief: What to make of Europe’s war rhetoric

EURACTIV News - Sun, 2022-03-13 09:00
Welcome to EURACTIV’s Global Europe Brief, your weekly update on the EU from a global perspective. You can subscribe to receive our newsletter here. In this week’s edition: Ukraine war updates and European response. With Mariupol still under siege, EU leaders...
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Air strike launched on Ukraine military base near Polish border

EURACTIV News - Sun, 2022-03-13 07:45
Russia launched an air strike on a Ukrainian military base Yavoriv in the west of the country near the Polish border, local officials said on Sunday, in what appeared to be the westernmost attack of the war. “The occupiers launched...
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France says Putin is not ready to end Ukraine war, fighting rages

EURACTIV News - Sun, 2022-03-13 05:30
Fighting raged near Kyiv on Saturday (12 March) and heavy shelling in other areas threatened new attempts to evacuate trapped civilians as France said Russian President Vladimir Putin showed no readiness to end the war in Ukraine.
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EU to ban steel imports from Russia, luxury goods exports to Moscow

EURACTIV News - Sat, 2022-03-12 06:59
The European Union will suspend Moscow's privileged trade and economic treatment, crack down on its use of crypto-assets and ban exports to Russia of EU luxury goods and imports of iron and steel goods, the head of the European Commission said on Friday (11 March).
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‘Russia plans nuclear terrorism at Chernobyl’

EURACTIV News - Sat, 2022-03-12 06:45
Ukraine warned that if electric power supplying Chernobyl’s cooling systems is not restored, this could create a radioactive cloud that would blow over Ukraine, its neighbours and the whole of Europe. Unfortunately, the UN agency in charge of atomic energy pays no attention, writes Roman Rukomeda.
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UN says no evidence to back Russian claim of Ukraine biological weapons program

EURACTIV News - Sat, 2022-03-12 06:08
The United Nations on Friday said it had no evidence Ukraine had a biological weapons program while Washington and its allies accused Russia of spreading the unproven claim as a possible prelude to launching its own biological or chemical attacks.
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Russia squeezes Kyiv as ‘unimaginable’ tragedy looms in Ukraine

EURACTIV News - Sat, 2022-03-12 05:49
Russian forces inched towards Kyiv and pounded civilian areas in other Ukrainian cities Friday (11 March), drawing warnings of "unimaginable tragedy" as the United States and the EU moved to tighten the economic noose around the Kremlin.
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France plants seed for joint EU borrowing scheme to absorb sanctions effects

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2022-03-11 16:50
European leaders emphasised at the informal European Council meeting in Paris the need to make the European economy more resilient and less reliant on Russian imports, with French President Emmanuel Macron proposing Recovery Fund-style joint borrowing at the EU level.
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