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Patriots arrived in Slovakia, talks about S-300 delivery to Ukraine continue

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2022-03-21 05:38
Patriot air defence systems have arrived in Slovakia, and talks continue about a permanent deal that would open the way for a shipment of the old Soviet S-300 system to Ukraine. Sophisticated American air defence systems MIM-104 Patriot arrived in...
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Car drives into Belgian carnival troupe, kills six

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2022-03-21 05:33
A car drove at high speed into a group of Belgian carnival performers who were preparing a parade on Sunday, killing six people and injuring 10 others, authorities said, saying the incident did not appear to be a militant attack.
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Experts slam Berlin’s reluctance to forgo Russian energy

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2022-03-21 04:48
As Russia’s war in Ukraine enters its fourth week, Germany has become the focal point of a debate about whether Europe should continue financing Russian military operations through the purchase of energy from Moscow.
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Chinese official calls sanctions on Russia increasingly ‘outrageous’

EURACTIV News - Sun, 2022-03-20 11:26
A senior Chinese government official said on Saturday (19 March) that sanctions imposed by Western nations on Russia over Ukraine are increasingly “outrageous”. Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng also acknowledged Moscow’s point of view on NATO, saying the alliance should...
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Global Europe Brief: Last stretch for EU’s military strategy

EURACTIV News - Sun, 2022-03-20 09:34
Welcome to EURACTIV’s Global Europe Brief, your weekly update on the EU from a global perspective. You can subscribe to receive our newsletter here. In this week’s edition: EU’s Strategic Compass to be approved this week, summit preview and Ukraine latest....
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Can we fight terrorism alongside a dictator?

EURACTIV News - Sun, 2022-03-20 06:30
One major lesson is emerging from the war in Ukraine: any complacency vis-à-vis authoritarian regimes is a risky game. Dictators and autocrats only understand the balance of power they end up establishing writes Mounir Satouri.

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Moscow claims hypersonic missile use, Kyiv asks Beijing to condemn ‘barbarism’

EURACTIV News - Sun, 2022-03-20 06:14
Ukraine called on China to join the West in condemning "Russian barbarism", as Moscow claimed it had struck a Ukrainian arms depot with hypersonic missiles in what would be the first use in combat of the next-generation weapons.
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Meaningful talks needed to stop Russia in Ukraine, Zelenskyy says

EURACTIV News - Sat, 2022-03-19 10:54
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called on Saturday (19 March) for comprehensive peace talks with Moscow to stop its invasion of his homeland, warning it would otherwise take Russia "several generations" to recover from losses suffered in the war.
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‘Ukrainians start thinking about life after the victory’

EURACTIV News - Sat, 2022-03-19 07:44
Many Ukrainians are starting to think about life after the end of war, when their country will be hopefully victorious. After experiencing the horrors of war people have rather simple wishes, like having coffee at the main boulevard, writes Roman Rukomeda.
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US warns China not to fuel Russia’s assault on Ukraine as fears for Mariupol grow

EURACTIV News - Sat, 2022-03-19 06:21
US President Joe Biden warned China against helping Russia attack Ukraine in a video call with President Xi Jinping on Friday (18 March) as concern grew over mass civilian casualties in the besieged southern port of Mariupol.
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The upcoming challenges of the telecom industry

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2022-03-18 17:26
As society becomes increasingly digitalised, it relies more heavily on ICT infrastructure. At the same time, the telecom market is called to address some key challenges societal challenges.
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Agrifood Brief: Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2022-03-18 16:06
Between skyrocketing wheat prices and the looming threat of food shortages, the Ukraine war has sent the agrifood sector reeling and member states scurrying to pick up the pieces. 
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The Brief — An unequal door to Fortress Europe

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2022-03-18 15:47
Farewell Fortress Europe? That’s the impression that many European states are giving as they offer three-year visa-free status for refugees fleeing the Russian onslaught in Ukraine.
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Commission likely to push for recycled PET in food packaging despite concerns

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2022-03-18 15:47
The European Commission will soon decide whether to allow the use of recycled plastics in food packaging despite some suggesting this could endanger consumer health.
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Bulgaria, Baltic countries kick out 20 Russian diplomats

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2022-03-18 15:35
Bulgaria has expelled 10 Russian diplomats while Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania have banished another 10 Russian diplomats between them, the foreign ministries of the respective countries said on Friday (18 March), citing their non-diplomatic activities and the spreading of Russian military propaganda.
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Coal and nuclear to manage energy crisis and a German state’s unwillingness to aid Ukraine

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2022-03-18 15:32
This week, our Beyond the Byline podcast focuses on several EU countries' decisions to prolong using coal while others, like Germany, mull whether existing nuclear power plants should continue.
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Week of ‘clashes’ and a very special guest

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2022-03-18 15:30
This week, EURACTIV’s agrifood team brings you the latest about the current EU debate over holding off the implementation of the main sustainable EU farming policies, the Farm to Fork and the Biodiversity strategies, due to food safety concerns. We...
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EU ministers reach broad consensus on batteries regulation

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2022-03-18 14:56
EU environment ministers adopted on Thursday (17 March) a general approach for the EU batteries regulation, centred on France's compromise proposal, which had drawn all-around praise for being "balanced" and "ambitious". The Council and the Parliament will now negotiate to agree on the final draft.
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Fears grow that Ukraine aid could come at expense of other crises

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2022-03-18 14:55
There is growing concern that aid spending by European states to cope with the humanitarian crisis resulting from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will come at the expense of other existing crises across the world.
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Macron wants to ‘adapt’ EU Farm to Fork to the post-Ukraine war world

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2022-03-18 14:12
France's agriculture sector will aim for "agricultural independence", prioritising productivity over sustainable farming goals in the EU's Green Deal to cope with a post-Ukraine war Europe, French President Emmanuel Macron told a press conference Thursday (17 March).
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