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Poland rolls out mass registration campaign for Ukrainian refugees

Thu, 2022-03-17 05:56
Poland is preparing to accept hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians into its administrative system which could make it easier for Ukrainians migrating permanently to Poland and other EU countries in the future. Poland has a registration system where citizens and...
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Biden calls Putin a war criminal, Russia says mission ‘going to plan’

Thu, 2022-03-17 05:56
US President Joe Biden called Russian President Vladimir Putin a war criminal on Wednesday, prompting the Kremlin to say the comment was "unforgivable" as the war in Ukraine raged for a 21st day despite talk of compromise in peace negotiations.
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Portugal can receive Ukrainians, hopes they fill vacancies

Thu, 2022-03-17 05:54
Portugal has the capacity to receive Ukrainians and needs people to work because, every month, about 23,000 job vacancies remain unfilled, said the Claudia Pereira, secretary of state for integration and migration on Wednesday. “We not only have the capacity,...
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Italian aircraft very close to Ukrainian warzone

Thu, 2022-03-17 05:52
Italy’s fighters are currently deployed close to the warzone in Ukraine, the head of the Italian Air Force Staff, Luca Goretti, said on Wednesday. “I have given authorisation for the number of our Eurofighters in service with NATO in Romania...
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Lithuania to create ‘complex solution’ on fuel prices

Thu, 2022-03-17 05:49
As fuel prices rise in Lithuania, the government is looking for ‘complex solutions’ rather than focusing specifically on fuel, Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė has said. Other European countries have already introduced measures to ease their citizens’ growing fuel price burden....
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Estonian parliament demands no-fly zone over Ukraine

Thu, 2022-03-17 05:47
The Estonian parliament Riikokogu is appealing for a no-fly zone over Ukraine and has encouraged the EU and NATO to enhance Ukrainian alliances with the West. The statements approved by 90 MPs in the 101-seat parliament underscore the solidarity felt...
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Irish journalist killed in Ukraine

Thu, 2022-03-17 05:45
​​Irish cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski was one of two journalists killed in Ukraine this week in an attack that left another reporter seriously injured. Zakrzewski and Ukrainian journalist Olesksandra Kuvshynova were killed near Kyiv on Monday when their car was struck...
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Denmark to join possible peacekeeping mission in Ukraine

Thu, 2022-03-17 05:44
Denmark is ready to send soldiers to a peacekeeping mission in Ukraine, Defence Minister Morten Bødskov said after Poland suggested such a mission should be carried out. “The Danish government is ready to contribute soldiers to a peacekeeping mission in...
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Sweden is not ruling out additional weapons to Ukraine

Thu, 2022-03-17 05:42
The government has received answers from the country’s Armed Forces about what can be sent to Ukraine’s military in addition to the equipment already sent, broadcaster SVT reported. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, Kyiv has turned to Sweden...
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Dutch could face recession as a result of Ukraine war

Thu, 2022-03-17 05:36
The Dutch economy could be facing a recession as a consequence of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. According to Central Planning Office (CPB), the Dutch economy expects to shrink two quarters in a row this year. This week, CPB published its predictions...
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Vienna pushing for sanctions on more Russian oligarchs

Thu, 2022-03-17 05:35
The Austrian government is pushing to include more oligarchs in the fifth round of sanctions against Russia. “More than 800 people are already covered by EU sanctions. We are in favour of expanding this list and adding more people close...
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France presents plan to curb impact of Russia sanctions

Thu, 2022-03-17 05:34
A French “resilience plan” to cope with the sanctions issued against Russia due to its invasion of Ukraine was announced by Prime minister Jean Castex on Wednesday. Several measures are required “without delay” for the most exposed companies and the...
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Czech PM suggests EU countries could grant asylum to Russian deserters

Thu, 2022-03-17 05:29
EU countries should take care of Russian soldiers who are not willing to fight anymore, said Prime Minister Petr Fiala who, after he visited Kyiv, presented several ideas on how the EU could further support Ukraine amid Russia’s invasion. “We...
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US, France warn Russia any use of chemical weapons would have consequences

Thu, 2022-03-17 05:29
US and French officials warned Russia on Wednesday (16 March) that the country would bear a heavy responsibility if it used chemical or bacteriological weapons in Ukraine.
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Bulgaria to stop using Russian gas by 2023

Thu, 2022-03-17 05:27
The Bulgarian government is working on a plan to replace Russian gas after the expiration of the long-term contract with Gazprom at the end of 2022, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the state gas company, Bulgargaz Ivan Topchiiski...
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Spanish government to increase defence budget

Thu, 2022-03-17 05:26
The government will gradually increase the country’s defence budget, close to 2% of Spain’s GDP, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, confirmed on Wednesday, despite criticism from its left-wing coalition partner Unidas Podemos (United We Can). The Iberian country spends 1.4% of its...
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Germany investigates suspected gouging of petrol prices

Thu, 2022-03-17 05:24
The economy ministry is investigating why petrol prices have remained high despite falling oil prices following accusations of price agreements between petroleum companies. “My ministry has asked the federal cartel office to observe petrol and diesel prices very closely and...
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