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The body of national law derived from EU directives and regulations expands into all areas of government and officials in both national and EU administrative bodies play an increasingly active role as administrators and enforcers of EU law.



Strategy and Planning in the Context of Total Quality Management

 Maastricht (NL),  20-22 February 2013 


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The European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) in Maastricht is organising a seminar on "Time for Public Value: How to Better Manage a Public Administration’s Core Function". This seminar will be held in Maastricht (NL) on 13-14 December 2012.

The fight against money laundering and terrorist financing is an ongoing global priority and the EU is following the lead of FATF in implementing new rules for the 27 Member States.

The CAF Resource Centre at EIPA organises a seminar on “Leadership in the Context of Total Quality Management”.

It will take place in Maastricht (NL) on 11-12 December 2012.

Although EU citizenship facilitates the free movement of citizens within the European Union, people are still faced with barriers when they decide to live or work in a Member State other than the one of their own nationality.



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