Barcelona Smart City Week: Transforming your Cities’ Challenges into Successful Actions Plans


12 Nov 2018 to 16 Nov 2018


Fira Barcelona Montjuïc
Avinguda de la Reina Maria Cristina
08004  Barcelona


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Event Description

What is this activity about?

The smart city has become a global phenomenon, and the ‘smart city’ label is spreading as a growing number of cities all around the world have been developing programmes for solutions aimed at helping them become smart. But what exactly makes a city ‘smart’? Cutting-edge technology? Pervasive hyper-connectivity? Resilient and advanced energy solutions? Often, there is still a lot of confusion behind this term, as no acknowledged definition of a smart city exists.

We believe that smart cities are not only about technology. We believe they are smart primarily because they compete for talent – and talented people are the scarcest resource we have today. Linking smart technology solutions with policies and strategies to attract talent to your city, create jobs and high-quality education is what this programme is about.

Our activity aims to promote an entrepreneurial culture and help solve social challenges with citizens and for citizens. It will create a platform for networking and developing synergies between leaders and change agents from city councils, industrial firms, property developers and investors who are passionate about promoting the smart-city concept in their city. Supported by our recognised global experts, they will also learn from each other about how cities can become ‘smart’.

This international, five-day event is one of a kind, as participants will be part of a special collaborative learning experience designed for the cities of the world to share their challenges and co-create joint solutions. Each participant will have the opportunity to:

  • listen to thoughtful presentations and share hands-on experiences with experts in smart cities, urban planning and innovation districts, economic development through innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • actively join in discussions and work on real-life problems in every relevant topic;
  • have the chance to co-create the agenda by defining mini cases that demonstrate challenges and finding and presenting solutions to them during four customised workshops;
  • participate in the three study tour visits in the famous 22@Barcelona Innovation District, Barcelona Activa, the innovation park La Salle Technova Barcelona and the Tataj Innovation Studio Badalona Beach Barcelona.

Participants will also:

  • enjoy a free-of-charge ticket to the Barcelona Smart City Expo World Congress 2018 (running from 13 to 15 November 2018);
  • receive an EIPA certificate for completing this City2City learning programme;
  • be able to get recognised with a diploma for the Best Smart-City Solutions during the closing ceremony of the Barcelona Smart City Week.

How will it help you?

You will have the chance to discover the latest trends and smart-city projects, learn from the experience of others, establish partnerships and identify business opportunities for your city as well as give global visibility to your city and organisation. Eventually, you will be able to bring home smart solutions to particular challenges that your city faces, helping it to unleash its full potential. The contacts you make from networking will help you turn ideas into reality.

Who will benefit most?

This unique event is aimed at representatives of cities, companies and investors from around the world who want to develop, implement and scale up smart solutions to their city challenges in order to improve the lives of citizens and attract talent, knowledge and funds. Additionally, the event is intended for development banks and senior public officers from central government who are dealing with urban governance and economic development projects in their countries. It also focuses on city associations, academic and other professional organisations with an interest in learning how to innovate across the global innovation ecosystem.

Watch the PowerPoint presentation about the Barcelona Smart City Week.