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EU Economic Governance and the European Semester - How Does It Work And How Does It Impact National Policies?

23/Apr/2014 • Brussels • Fee: €825

Event Description

Target group
Officials from national administrations and EU institutions, who are involved in fiscal, economic and social policies and are directly or indirectly affected by European governance.
The course explains the legal and economic foundations of the EMU and the recent reforms in economic governance resulting from the Euro-crisis and its impact on Member States’ policies. After reviewing the evolution of the EMU since its inception in 1992, the seminar explains the four pillars of the Economic Union (fiscal surveillance, macroeconomic surveillance, socio-economic coordination and financial solidarity) and the functioning of the European Semester. In doing so, the seminar explains the impact of the six-pack, Fiscal Treaty and the two-pack. It concludes with an assessment of the reforms achieved so far and an outlook on the additional reforms discussed in the European Commission and in the European Council.
Learning methodology
The seminar is strongly participant-focused. Issues and topics are introduced by succinct ex cathedra presentations and followed by short case study exercises based on an analysis of the Member States, thus enabling dynamic Q&A sessions. The programme concludes with a discussion session with EU practitioners on lessons learnt and future steps in the development of the economic governance regime.
Upon completion of the seminar, participants will:
- understand the functioning of the European Semester and its impact on Member States’ policies;
- have a clear grasp of the major stakeholders involved in the economic governance;
- be familiar with the legal basis as well as the design of the new economic governance regime;
- be able understand and assess the mechanisms and instruments developed to address the Euro crisis.
Project Leader
Dr Theo Jans
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