EU Financial Services Law: Prudential Regulations for Banking


12 Oct 2017 to 13 Oct 2017


Euro & Finance

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What is this course about?
This course provides insight into the new single rulebook for the financial services markets and updates on the developments with regard to the European Banking Union and Capital Markets Union.

How will it help you?
You will acquire knowledge of the new measures for the prudential regulation and supervision of the financial services markets and understand their practical legal and economic implications as well as future challenges for the regulators, supervisors and the markets.

Who will benefit most?
Officials working in the European institutions as well as in the national administrations who need a good overview and understanding of the new financial services regulation. Participants from the private sector will also benefit from this course.


EBA - European Banking Authority
Policy Expert (Own Funds)
European University Association
Communications and EU Affairs internship
FEANTSA - Working Together to End Homelessness in Europe
Communications Internship
International Organization for Migration
EU Compliance Officer (Finance, Contracts, Audit)
CSIL Centre for Industrial Studies
Junior researcher
Open Society Foundation
Advocacy Specialist
International Organization for Migration
Legal Intern
News Media Europe
Legal & policy Intern