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Innovation in Energy Efficiency buildings and districts for smart built environment


26 Jun 2013 07:00 to 11:00


Committee of the Regions (COR), Room JDE 52
Rue Belliard 99-101

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L - Conference, forum

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The Energy Efficient Buildings Association organises an event on "Innovation in Energy Efficiency buildings and districts for smart built environment" in the framework of EUSEW on 26 June 2013 from 9:00 to 13:00 at the Committee of the Regions (COR), room JDE 52, Brussels.

The key theme of the event is Energy Efficiency specifically focused on buildings and districts, and the built environment in general. Its main theme concerns energy efficient technology & innovation research priorities for the years to come in order to meet 3 major challenges: 

  • Develop systemic, cost-attractive, “geo-clustered” technologies and industrialized solutions for stock renovation. New technologies to speed up innovation take-up at market level, together with mass customisation and standardization of energy efficiency components and new construction processes oriented to reduce the cost of building refurbishment, are needed to boost renovation activities. Integrated (holistic) design and quality driven construction processes based on ICT-technologies will be further developed to improve the predictability of energy performance. 
  • Develop interactive and sustainable buildings for Smart Cities. With ICT technology innovating the way citizens live, buildings will be connected to each other and flexible in their usage. Smart storage, e-mobility, resource efficiency, smart management and many other objectives are included in a holistic approach, together with new models, new technologies and demonstration at large scale. 
  • Ensure quality and performance. Ensuring user-centric needs as well-being and aging population concerns, ensuring durable building performance and risk mitigation will be at the core of a continuous improvement process.

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