Learning about Simplifying ESIF Programmes and Projects: From Basic to Advanced SCO in Support of ESIF Programmes and Projects


06 Nov 2018 to 07 Nov 2018


National University of Public Service (NUPS)
Ludovika tér 2
1083  Budapest


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From the beginning of the current programming period 2014-2020 we see that simplified cost options are being taken up by Member States but also that more can be done. What are the challenges facing full deployment of simplification? Are there still concerns of Authorities? What are the next steps to be done to go for the more advanced SCO options?

This seminar-workshop will focus on how to simplify procedures and reduce the administration burden in order to enhance the delivery of long lasting results by the ESI Funds in the current programming period. The wider and full use of SCO is the way forward. We will therefore look into the details of the Simplified Cost Options (SCO) available in the programming period 2014-2020 by considering the following issues:

  • How to develop good methodologies for flat-rates, lump-sums and standard scales of unit costs?
  • Which option is suited for which type of operations?
  • Which steps needs to be considered when negotiating advanced options with the EC?
  • How to carry proper management verifications when using SCO?
  • How can we prevent irregularities in SCO?
  • How do we take revenue generation, state aid and public procurement into account?

We will take on board the latest changes to the regulations brought about by the OMNIBUS Regulation. A senior EC official will describe the advanced options of SCO, when they should be used and how to agree them with the EC in specific Delegated Acts. A member of the High Level Group on simplification will share the lessons of the group in proposing further simplifications for the next programming period 2021-2027.

Furthermore, the seminar will cover best practices in different Member States (such as Belgium and Italy) as well as from the EC Thematic network on simplification in setting up less complex management structures, making wider use of public procurement, as well as in developing synergies between EU funds such as Horizon 2020 through the Seal of Excellence

How will it help you?
Participants will leave with a clear picture of when and where simplifications of ESI might be used to be full extent, how to use Simplified Cost Options in different ESI supported projects, and how to prevent irregularities in SCO. Workshops and exercises will used in order to help fix ideas and technical procedures. There will be ample opportunity for an exchange of experiences from different Member States. It will draw together experience of a range of sectors and of the European institutions.

Who will benefit most?
The workshop will be of particular interest to those considering or planning to simplify the use of ESI Funds in order to ensure more lasting results. These include policy makers, public officials from Managing Authorities and other departments, private sector service providers, funders and professional advisers in EU Member States, candidate countries and beyond.  It should also be of interest to academics and to officials in European organisations.


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