New Comitology and Delegated Acts: Practical Challenges and Institutional Perspectives


19 Mar 2015


Onze Lieve Vrouweplein
226211 HE  Maastricht


Global Europe

Event Location

19-20/Mar/2015 • Maastricht • Fee: €950

Event Description

Target group
This two-day seminar is directed at civil servants from EU Member States and the EU institutions, as well as other stakeholders requiring a detailed understanding of the practical challenges posed by the high number and variety of Delegated and Implementing Acts drafted and adopted at the EU level, as well as a review of the latest institutional and legal prospects in this field.

The seminar explains the nature of the provisions for Delegated and Implementing Acts and highlights institutional and legal questions related to delimitation between the two types of acts. It also reviews the various rules and agreements which have been adopted to put them into effect, as well as highlighting the issues and challenges which have arisen using a variety of practical examples and real cases. The internal procedures in the institutions involved (notably the European Commission, Council, and European Parliament) are presented, looking in each case at the implications of these for Member State representatives and other stakeholders.

Learning methodology
The seminar is based on a range of presentations and interactive group work, to enable participants to put their knowledge into practice. The seminar integrates case studies and current examples to enable participants to see Delegated and Implementing Acts at work.

At the end of the seminar, participants will have a good knowledge of the nature and practice of Delegated and Implementing Acts, as well as an insight into both the practical challenges posed, and the institutional issues at stake. Participants will thus be well equipped in the future to both participate in preparatory processes for Delegated and Implementing Acts in Brussels, and assist in managing these acts at home.


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