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Tutorial: EU Law For Non-Lawyers – Module 1


03 Feb 2020 to 04 Feb 2020


European Centre for Judges and Lawyers (ECJL)



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About this course
This is the first module of the three-day seminar on the legal system of the EU and the most important principles governing the adoption and enforcement of European Union law. The module concentrates on the system of legal acts adopted at the EU level as well as the decision-making process for the adoption of EU law. It also offers a short introduction to the four fundamental freedoms within the EU Internal Market.
In this module, you will learn about the system of legal acts that are adopted at the EU level, and a workshop and group discussions will give you an opportunity to read and analyse different EU acts. In addition, a practical case study will help you to better understand the effect that EU law has within national legal systems. Finally, you will learn how to solve cases related to free movement rights that are exercised by individuals within the EU Internal Market.
The tutorial will also provide networking and exchange opportunities between participants. Various small group exercises and discussions will promote a very high level of interactivity and provide enhanced learning opportunities.
The duration of the first module is two days. If you prefer to attend the full 3-day course, please click on Full Course.