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Understanding EU Decision-Making: Principles, Procedures, Practice


26 Feb 2015 to 27 Feb 2015


European Institute of Public Administration
O.L. Vrouweplein 22
6211 HE  Maastricht


Global Europe

Event Location

26-27/Feb/2015 • Maastricht • Fee: €995

Event Description

This is an ‘immersion’ course on EU decision-making designed for public officials preparing to assume EU responsibilities, EU affairs professionals, and people needing to quickly acquire a comprehensive familiarity with how EU decisions are taken.

Participants are taken round the EU policy cycle with a mixture of presentations, cases and simulations. By the end of the two days, they will understand the principles and structures of the EU system and the basic competences and functioning of the EU institutions; they will be familiar with the different stages in the legislative cycle; and they will have an insight into how decisions are reached in practice.

The package includes a copy of the book EU Law-Making in Principle and Practice by Edward Best, which was published in late 2014 by EIPA and Routledge, with the support of the EU Publications Office. This book provides a detailed account of decision-making procedures, as well as an extensive case study, which is complementary to the face-to-face discussions and simulation exercise organised during the course in Maastricht.