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GDPR: a Practical Guide for non-Data Protection Officers – July


03 Jul 2019 to 04 Jul 2019


European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA)
O.L. Vrouweplein 22
6211 HE  Maastricht



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Event Description

Since the entry of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) you have to follow strict procedures about how you should process, share, and protect personal data.
Not adhering to the GDPR, even unknowingly, may have serious adverse effects for you and your organisation.
In this course, you will learn the principles of this new regulation even if you have no prior knowledge about it and you will know how to implement these principles in your work.
Who is this course for:
This course is for anybody who works with data on a daily basis and does not have any knowledge of the GDPR laws and legislation. This course will benefit professionals in the European region working in both public and private sector (not IT or legal experts).
What you will learn:
  • The key concepts of the EU legal framework for data protection that are relevant for you
  • How to protect the data you are responsible for and manage full control of it, without having to check each detail with your DPO
  • What is the difference between controlling and processing data, and the responsibilities that you have to manage depending on your role
  • How to report personal data breaches
  • The right way to manage cross-border data transfer
By the end of the course, you will be able to:
  • Apply all the specificities of the new regulation to your specific scope of work
  • Exchange data with your colleagues and other professionals through processes that conform to the GDPR
  • Send safe and secure emails both within the organization and also to external parties
  • Use the data you manage in the correct way on social platforms, both online and offline
  • Be aware of the need for a data protection system for new or special projects that you may undertake
  • Reduce the risk of infringement procedures against you and your organization
Course methodology and highlights:
  • Simple explanation of the GDPR in an easy-to-understand language, without the use of high-level legal terms and jargons
  • Role play and group exercises to help you get familiar with the practical application of the regulation
  • Interactive discussions with data protection experts, practitioners, and other participants, so you can ask specific questions about your particular experience or challenge
  • Relevance: EIPA has direct insight to the European Union
  • Never alone: You’ll be part of a growing network of colleagues and professionals throughout Europe
  • Quality insurance: all our courses have the EIPA Quality Seal. After successful completion, you will go home with an EIPA Data Protection Centre Certificate
  • Combine fun and facts: this course is held in one of the most charming cities of Europe. Discover plenty opportunities to relax and have some fun on the side.
You can also register for this course in October.