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Preparing New Structural and Cohesion Funds Programmes for 2021-2027 – Implementation Lessons from 2014-2020 and Taking forward Good Practice


12 Dec 2019 to 13 Dec 2019


Wirtschaftskammer Österreich (WKÖ)
Wiedner Hauptstrasse 63
1040  Vienna



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Event Description

The key documents of reference for this seminar will be the 2019 Country Reports, as well as the new draft Regulations for EU Structural and Cohesion Funds. We will ask what lessons can be learnt from implementing current and previous Operational Programmes  ̶  in terms of policy priorities, the selection of quality projects, programme management and delivery? How best can the new Programmes address the policy priorities and delivery issues identified by the European Union in the Country Reports?
We will help you address the following questions:
  • How far are current programmes contributing to Member State National Reform Programmes and EU2020 objectives for each Member State?
  • What are your policy priorities for the next programming period? What are your Member State Country-specific recommendations?
  • How you can “ensure that selected operations present the best relationship between the amount of support, the activities undertaken and the achievement of objectives”? (Article 67.3(c), draft CPR)
  • How can you successfully target individuals, sectors and companies who need assistance and who can provide value for money from EU funding?
  • What will financial planning and accounting look like in 2021-2027?
  • Where can you simplify programmes most? and how are simplified cost options being developed and used?

We try to refer as far as possible to Member State cases and good practice. But participants are also invited to send us their problems, issues and questions before the seminar, if they wish. We will do our best to address the problems/answer the questions during the seminar!

Who will benefit most?
This seminar is aimed principally at:
  • practitioners from Member State national, regional and local authorities working with ESI Funds
  • the full range of economic and social partners working with the Funds – including universities, NGOs, employers’ associations, consultants.


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