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A Practical Guide to EU Law Approximation


21 Sep 2020 to 22 Sep 2020


European Centre for Judges and Lawyers (ECJL), Luxembourg (LU)



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“Do all EU legal acts need to be transposed into national law? How do I do it?”
“How to avoid overlap or conflict with other national legislation, while implementing EU laws?
“What strategies do other Member States apply when determining EU law approximation priorities?”
“What is ‘gold plating’ and ‘regulatory creep’, in the context of EU law approximation, and how can I avoid it?”
Knowledge and competencies in aspects like these are critical to ensure that you implement an EU directive or regulation at the national level in a correct, timely, effective, and cost-efficient way.This 2-day workshop is a comprehensive guide covering all steps of the EU law approximation process, from the adoption of the EU legislative act, to its implementation and notification, and finally, to the possible consequences of late, wrong or non-implementation.
Whom is this course for:
This course is best suited for officials involved in the processes of negotiating or implementing EU laws. This could include:
  • Managers in national or regional public authorities, who have recently been made responsible for implementation of EU laws
  • Civil servants, experts and public employees from central and regional administration bodies
  • Representatives of trade associations and interest groups
  • Lawyers working with EU law-making processes
Course methodology/ highlights:
This two-day workshop is very practice-oriented and uses a mix of short presentations, case studies, group work, simulations, and discussions.
Two weeks prior to the workshop, we will send you a questionnaire inviting you to indicate the extent of your association with law approximation. You will also have the possibility to mention specific questions about the approximation process that you would like the course to address.
What others say:
“Very well done! This was my first seminar since I’ve started working with the government.  I never imagined that it would be such a fantastic experience. Huge well done to Peter and Tore for leading the seminar, (and) lecturers Tomasz (and) Sabrina (…) and Juliette for taking care of us.”
“A great opportunity to learn about the application of EU law in a dynamic and effective way…”
“Thank you for everything. As an expert in for EU affairs, I find this training extremely useful”


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