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End-of-Life Issues & Strategies Seminar


EPRA Virtual Sustainability Summit 2021


Keynote speech - An introduction to Carbon Emissions Pricing (ETS, Carbon tax, etc)

How to Work with the European Public Prosecutor’s Office?

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16th EWA Hybrid Brussels Conference

“Promoting new forms of collaboration with industry and investments in strategic value chains are essential” (citation Green Deal dated December 2019).

Performance Auditing of EU Co-Funded Investments by the European Court of Auditors

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Do you want to know what results are, and how to measure them?

Hydrogen: Enabling A Zero-Emission Society

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Tackling Disadvantage in Early Childhood: Key Findings and Challenges

10 November 2021; 13:00-15:00 CETonline

The Green Deal 2021-2027

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EDAA Summit 2021


ECL Annual Conference 2021

The annual conference of the Association of European Cancer Leagues (ECL) will, once again, take place virtually and be open to all....

The Clean Hydrogen Monitor 2021 - Launch Event

We are pleased to invite you to the Clean Hydrogen Monitor 2021 Report launch event taking place on Friday, 15th October 2021 at 11:00 - 12:00 CEST / online

The potential of a liquid fuels strategy for the decarbonisation

The potential of a liquid fuels strategy for the decarbonisation online event organised by the Sustainable, long-term investments and...

Fit for 55: Delivering for the People, the Planet and the Economy

The recent Fit for 55 legislative package is the EU’s opportunity to accelerate our decarbonisation efforts, create opportunities for industry and...

Introduction to EU Asylum and Migration Law

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Competitive Dialogue and Negotiated Procedures Master Class

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    ChargeUp Europe Webinar: Consumers and Climate – How can AFIR deliver for EV Charging? – 18 November

    ChargeUp Europe is inviting you to a webinar on 18 November from 11:00 to 12:30 (CET) to discuss how the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR) can deliver EV charging...

    Cybersecurity: The Transatlantic Reboot

    This Summit will be studio-produced out of Brussels on November 18th, from 12.00 to 18.15 CEST, and brings together international law enforcement/security, government and industry experts...

    EIPA in conversation with … Updating CAF Education: The challenges for education and training centers in the post pandemic

    Event date: 18 November 2021 13:00 CET
    Location: Zoom

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    Education - A gateway to well-being for all children

    Save the date and register for Eurochild’s upcoming webinar on how the school community can strengthen well-being for all children.

    European Union Civil Service Law

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    Battery Innovation Days


    Audit and Anti-Fraud Measures, ESI Funds 2021-2027 ARACHNE Programme

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    The goal of this highly practical course/workshop extending over two and a half days is to present the following:

    The EU Green Deal and its Implementation


    ELF Virtual Roundtable Discussion - People, profit, planet: Promoting Justice in Consumption-Production Systems

    Climate Change has taken on a Kafkaesque quality and morphed to a Climate Emergency.

    On The Agenda: The future of the EU Energy Market

    Europe and the world are facing a serious energy crisis this autumn. Prices are rising across the continent and are impacting citizen

    ECL Webinar on alcohol & cancer

    As part of a series of webinars focusing on the messages of the European Code Against...

    Join BSEF at the European Fire Safety Week 2021


    European Business and Nature Summit 2021


    Book Launch Event: “In Ukraine, Adrift”

    Welcome to a launch event and panel discussion following the Paul Frigyes book “In Ukraine, Adrift”. The author travelled through this vast Europ