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The Greens/European Free Alliance is a European parliamentary group made up of Greens and representatives of stateless nations ("regionalists").

It is born in July 1999 from the will of two separate and progressive European political families to co-operate in the European Parliament.

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At this year's Finanzwende Forum we explore ways to reform financial systems for an orderly transition to a low-carbon economy that is in line with the climate stabilization goals set out in the Paris Agreement.

Digital technologies are driving a new industrial revolution. European businesses have to engage in this development to remain competitive globally. But the competition is tough. Countries such as the United States, South Korea and Japan are moving ahead.


This conference is hosted by Greens/EFA MEPs Jan Philipp Albrecht, Max Andersson, Eva Joly, Judith Sargentini



When: Tuesday, 26 January, 9.30

Where: European Parliament members restaurant, ASP building, Brussels

When: Thurs. 14 January, 10.30

Where: European Parliament press room, PHS building Room 0A50

When: Wednesday 11 June, 18.30 - 21.00

Where: "Les Brigittines", Petite rue des Brigittines 1, 1000 Bruxelles (see link below)

The Russian constitution declares the Russian Federation to be a democratic and social state under the rule-of-law. It guarantees human rights, the right to life, democracy, the separation of powers, individual liberty rights and diversity of political parties and opinion.

Conference with members of civil society in Syria on mass torture in the country.

Richard More O'Ferrall

On the third anniversary of Japan's tragic tsunami and the Fukushima catastrophe, Green MEP Michèle Rivasi will host a press conference looking at the ongoing consequences. The Greens will also host a symbolic action, as well as a hearing from 9-10.30 in Room LOW R3.1.

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 Dear correspondents,

When: Thursday, 20 February 2014 @ 11:00

Where: Room ASP 5G2, European Parliament, Brussels

Who: Gerald Häfner MEP, Chairperson of Democracy International


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