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4th Annual COCIR Digital Health Summit: Digital Transformation of Health and Care – The Voice of Stakeholders


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It is undeniable that European health and care systems are in need of substantial reform if they are to address the challenges posed by the demographic shift to an ageing society and the increasing burden of chronic diseases and related co-morbidities this brings. Integrated Care is increasingly recognised as the optimal way of delivering more efficient, people-centred care and reversing the increasing fragmentation of health and social care systems.
Digital health innovation will be a critical element in delivering this transformation process. Health technologies can profoundly transform care delivery for the better, enabling simultaneous population health improvements, greater quality of care and more sustainable health and care systems.
Harnessing the potential of digital health innovation demands all stakeholders in the health sector to align their efforts. It needs agreement on what has to be done, by whom and at what level. This event provides a platform for health care stakeholders and patients to share their ideas and perspectives on how to transition from aspiration to real transformation and action at scale.
The summit will be organised around four themes:
  • Accelerating large-scale deployment  of digital health to transform health, social and long-term care models in the EU.
  • Sharing data, collaborating and coordinating across the continuum of care to develop people-centred care and overcome the current fragmentation of health and social care systems.
  • Unleashing intelligence through analytics and deep learning that support care delivery at the point of care, precision medicine, population health management and research.
  • Managing cybersecurity and data protection to build trust while delivering technological innovation in health and care.
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