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On The Agenda: The future of the EU Energy Market


25 Nov 2021 14:00 to 15:00





Event Description

Europe and the world are facing a serious energy crisis this autumn. Prices are rising across the continent and are impacting citizens and businesses who are already struggling to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, while challenges such as energy poverty and energy inefficiencies risk being enhanced by the ongoing fluctuation in energy prices.  

On 13 October, the European Commission adopted a toolbox of measures to tackle the exceptional rise in global energy prices. It includes mid-term measures to address the clean energy transition and move towards a decarbonized and resilient energy system. In addition to these measures, the European Council adopted conclusions to tackle the energy prices problem. They invite Member States to make the best use of the toolbox to provide short-term relief but most importantly it highlights the need for long-term measures to increase the resilience of the EU Energy Market. It should provide a shield against price and supply fluctuations.  

It is time to address the challenges the Union is facing to better anticipate future shocks, support the green transition, boost competitiveness and ensure the security of energy supply to all Europeans.  

During this On the Agenda webinar, we will discuss how policymakers can seize this opportunity to reform the EU Energy Market, increase its resilience, and how to best meet the short-term objectives of relieving the pressure of the most vulnerable while keeping down the cost of the clean energy transition.