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Cancer Biomarkers in the Era of Personalised Medicines


05 Dec 2017 15:00


European Parliament
Room A1E-1
1047  Brussels

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L - Conference, forum


Health & Consumers

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The European Cancer Patient Coalition, together with MEP Marlene Mizzi (S&D, Malta), is organising an event on the topic of Cancer Biomarkers in the Era of Personalised Medicines.

During the event, expert speakers will discuss the vital role that of cancer biomarkers play in improving cancer care throughout Europe. The European Cancer Patient Coalition will also launch an animation and infographic on this topic. There will also be a call for action for increased access to biomarkers, while raising awareness on the topic and increasing patients’ understanding of where they need to go to access molecular profiling.

As you may know, cancer biomarkers can be detected in bodily fluids or tissues. They can identify people who have cancer or who are at risk of getting cancer. Cancer biomarkers can also help select those people who are most likely to derive therapeutic benefit from chemotherapy, immuno-oncology therapy, surgery, or radiotherapy.  In fact, biomarkers are essential to identify the Achilles’ heel of the tumour that doctors can target with specific drugs. They can also be used to monitor remission in cancer survivors. In short, biomarkers help to identify the people who may benefit from different types of cancer treatment, ensure sustainable healthcare systems, and avoid treatment-related toxicity.

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