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Centralizing Cancer Care? – Quality, costs, and the future of hospitals in Europe


14 Oct 2020 08:30




Health & Consumers

Event Description

Centralizing cancer care has been a hot topic for quite some time. Many argue that hospitals are often too small and treat too few patients. Only by pooling resources and specialists in comprehensive cancer centers could high-quality care and equal access to innovative therapies be guaranteed.

Yet, the Covid pandemic has shown that reducing the number of hospital beds may also be problematic for the quality of care. Broad availability of hospitals can help intercept epidemic outbreaks and maintain medical expertise – also in oncology.

How should the future of inpatient cancer care look like in Europe? Is centralization still the way forward, or do we need to maintain broad operational readiness and expertise?

The debate, started at the European Cancer Forum, continues with a new webinar in the series Issues in Cancer Care – The Early Bird Debate.

One issue, two speakers, two opinions, register now for the next webinar Centralizing Cancer Care? – Quality, costs, and the future of hospitals in Europe” on 14 October 2020, from 8:30 AM to hear from:

Stefan Gijssels

Executive Director, Digestive Cancers Europe and EuropaColon

Pascal Garel

Chief Executive, European Hospital and Healthcare Federation

Moderated by:

Duane Schulthess

Managing Director, Vital Transformation


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