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A Counter Narrative to Violent Extrimism


12 Jan 2016 15:00 to 18:30


European Parliament, Room JAN 4Q1
Rue Wiertz 60
1047  Brussels

Event Type

M - Seminar, presentation


EU Priorities 2020

Event Description

This new year Group seminar aims at highlighting the crucial role played by root causes and psycho-social factors in processes leading to violent extremism. The need to develop a counter-narrative to violent extremism is crucial in addressing this phenomenon, which is too often looked at from a politically biased or short term perspective.


The prevention of recruitment of EU citizens by terrorist organisations must therefore lead to a discussion about the societal root causes of such a phenomenon, to be addressed through a long term strategy. Prevention at community level, social inclusion, the fight against discrimination, economic growth and stability, as well as mental health aspects have for a long time been overlooked as potential factors to tackle violent extremism. Political and financial investments in these fields should therefore be further assessed. Building upon the Paris Declaration of 17th March 2015 on promoting citizenship and the common values of freedom, tolerance and non-discrimination through education, such a discussion should explore further actions in order to promote an open dialogue on EU common values.


The ALDE seminar will gather experts and academics, as well as local stakeholders involved in developing a counter-narrative to violent extremism.


Interpretation will be provided in FR, DE, NL, EN, DA, ES, PT, FI, SV, CZ, ET, LT, LV, SL, BG, RO, HR


The event will be livestreamed.