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Digital Transformation in the Public Sector and Project Management


05 Jun 2019 to 06 Jun 2019


European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA)
O.L. Vrouweplein 22
6211 HE  Maastricht



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Designed for public-sector project managers, this two-day seminar on Digital Transformation offers a crash course in how to make your project more successful by getting up-to-date on the latest developments and best practice.
As the European Commission states in its eGovernment Action Plan:
‘The digital transformation of government is a key element to the success of the Single Market.’
Indeed, the public sector has a leading role to play in this globally-prominent field. It is not uncommon for technical innovation to outpace the rate at which it can be absorbed by government, but as society changes, public services must adapt to the new reality.
These changes affect not only internal government operations but also the way government interacts with the public at large, from individual citizens to private companies. Throughout Europe, public administrations are going paperless and innovating in ways that make their work easier and more cost-effective.
Our course will help you understand Digital Transformation, learn how to cope with it and, more importantly, learn how to thrive through it. From Cyber Security and Big Data to Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing, you will get a complete overview of the dynamic and promising trends set to define the coming decades, and will learn how to keep projects lean while increasing efficiency.
What you will learn in this course:
  • What Digital Transformation is, and what views there are on the matter;
  • How project management is influenced by Digital Transformation (and vice versa!);
  • How the transformation will affect your organisation;
  • Can digitisation make processes more efficient?
  • The effect of techniques and technology, and the relationship with disruptive developments: relevant new developments like Cloud Computing, Agile and SCRUM methods;
  • The relevance of information beyond the supportive technique;
  • How to deal with project management and digital leadership;
  • Governmental policies on how to deal with digitisation;
  • Political and legislative context;
  • Soft controls: how the human factor is incorporated into these changes.
By the end of the course, you will:
  • Have insight into what is going on with regard to Digital Transformation;
  • Have greatly increased your level of knowledge on digitisation and the latest on cyber security, artificial intelligence and big data;
  • Have an international view on governmental responses to digitisation;
  • Be better able to manage related projects;
  • Have insight into the human factor of change processes, in order to execute changes more effectively.
Who this course is for:
  • Project leaders and managers dealing with digitisation projects;
  • Supporting staff, such as members of the project management office;
  • Management, responsible for information in organisations;
  • Supporting staff assisting senior management;
  • CIOs and staff responsible for IT;
  • IT transition managers.
Course methodology and highlights:
This course offers a valuable combination of practice and theory, so you can use the knowledge in your work straight away. Our speakers combine experience in the field with an academic background.
  • The speakers will be working interactively with the group and will present hands-on knowledge and theoretical concepts, challenging the group to respond.
  • During the two days of the course, a few small assignments will be carried out to increase the learning effect.
  • Members of the group will bring their experience to the table, discussing and adding value to that experience.
  • A few related case studies from EIPA research will be brought to the table for extra insight.
  • The group will receive a detailed handout of the presented material and a free copy of a book on one of the matters discussed.


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