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EBAA 2020 Annual General Assembly: Written voting procedure


19 Jun 2020 11:00 to 12:30





Event Description

A few weeks ago, EBAA announced the postponement of our annual General Assembly due to the COVID-19 outbreak. In response to the crisis, the Belgian government has put in place alternative means for associations to hold its annual meeting and legal proceedings.

Therefore, we launched a written voting procedure to comply with our obligations to hold an annual General Assembly. This procedure will conclude at midnight CET on 12 June 2020.

Members with voting powers will have received an email with detailed instructions on how to vote or request a proxy. All EBAA Members can access the materials for the General Assembly, including the voting form,  in the member section of the website.

·         Click here for the materials of the 2020 General Assembly (including voting/proxy form)


The Secretariat will present the results of the written voting procedure during a short virtual meeting that will take place on 19 June 2020, from 11.00 to 12.30 PM CET.

Members will have received an invitation with instructions on how to attend the meeting. For security and authentication purposes, members can only join via their individual link (no dial-in numbers are available).

To allow for the smooth running of this call, please submit your written questions in advance by 12 June to

Draft Agenda

·         Welcome and introduction by Juergen Wiese, EBAA Chairman

·         Presentation of the results of the written voting procedure by Athar Husain Khan, EBAA Secretary-General

·         Q&A with EBAA Members (written questions only)

·         Any Other Business

Technical support: 

If you have doubts as to whether you have received your invitation to attend the EBAA virtual annual General Assembly, please contact EBAA’s Membership team at

If you encounter any issues using the interactive form or have questions about your company’s representation, please contact EBAA’s Membership team at

If you encounter technical issues accessing the materials on the website, please contact EBAA’s Communication team at