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EEA Law Tutorial: The Interaction between EU Law and EEA Law


19 Jan 2017 to 20 Jan 2017

Event Type

S - Workshop, course


Global Europe

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Event Description

Target group
Officials and specialists in the national and local administrations of EFTA countries and EU Member States, whose work involves:
• approximation or implementation of national law derived from EU law, and/or
• relations with EFTA countries (Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein and Switzerland).

The body of European law extends to the European Economic Area (EEA), shaping policies and legislation of EEA countries, most prominently in relation to the internal market and free movement of goods, services, labour and capital. As a consequence, regulatory and enforcement practices of national and local governmental bodies in not only the EU Member States, but also in the EFTA countries, which have ratified the EEA Treaty, have to be adapted accordingly to respect the requirements of the European law. 

This tutorial
• allows participants to gain practical understanding of the interaction between EU and EEA law as well as the main principles underpinning EU internal market acquis and its impact on EEA law; and
• promotes best practices that ensure correct implementation and enforcement of EEA legislation stemming from EU Directives and Regulations. 

While the first module will review the main characteristic features and legal effect of EU/EEA acts that are applied in the internal market field, the second module will take practical approach and focus on the law implementation and enforcement and respective competences of the EFTA Surveillance Authority and EFTA Court. 

Learning methodology and objectives
The tutorial is based on a combination of presentations and problem-based learning sessions for small groups of participants.  The presentations are short and delivered by EIPA specialists and expert practitioners, allowing for a dialogue-based exchanges and on-the-spot adjustment to specific needs of the participants. Interactive parts of the training like case-studies and workshops put the knowledge gained by the participants into a practical context to demonstrate the relevance and consequences of the EU/EEA rules for their daily work. Finally, the programme is structured in such a way as to offer networking and exchange opportunities as a result of interaction between the participants.

At the end of the programme, participants will
• have a practical understanding of the interaction between EU and EEA law;
• recognise key characteristic features of these two legal systems and legal acts adopted under these systems; 
• have a sound understanding of the obligations of the EEA countries when implementing EU rules with EEA relevance and of relevant case law of the EFTA court.



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