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Energy Storage Global Conference 2024


15 Oct 2024 to 17 Oct 2024



Event Type

L - Conference, forum



Event Location


Event Description

The seventh edition of the Energy Storage Global Conference (ESGC) will take place on 15 – 17 October 2024 in Brussels.

What can you expect from the #ESGC2024?

By joining the ESGC2024 you will get the latest insights on energy storage policies, markets and technologies and applications, several networking opportunities during the conference, as well as during our dinner events, and the chance to engage with more than 400 delegates from around the world.

Three days, three different focuses:

  • Policy Day: Discuss energy storage market design and regulatory frameworks with policymakers, National Regulatory Authorities, and speakers from around the globe.
  • Market Day: Hear about best practices and trends from around the world and identify more opportunities in opening markets for investments in energy storage.
  • Technology Day: Discover the latest cutting-edge energy storage technologies and engage in thorough, technical discussions with leading experts driving storage technology development.


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