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Food Waste in the European Food Supply Chain: Challenges and Opportunities


12 May 2014 06:00 to 13 May 2014 16:00



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S - Workshop, course


Agriculture & Food

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Food waste in the European supply chain

Event Description

The main focus of this workshop is the valorisation of what is presently defined by FAO (2013) as food wastages. Minimising food wastages may be handled by two main routes: i. reduction of avoidable losses across the supply chain and; ii. valorisation of unavoidable losses. In this COST strategic workshop, leading representatives of science and the rapidly evolving “green” industry will together, with stakeholders of the present “Food Industry” and authorities, explore the possibilities of “secondary harvest” and “recycling” of food wastages. i.e. knowledge-driven valorisation and “Green” growth based on organic side flows of the present food system.

This workshop is a major attempt at pan-European level to expand the issue of the three “Rs” (reduce, reuse and recycle) to the area of recycle and co-utilisation of food wastages.

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