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FTA Conference 2017 'Unleash Opportunity'


14 Jun 2017 to 15 Jun 2017


Trade & Society

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Imagine a future where sustainable value chains are the new normal and trade barriers are obsolete, unleashing opportunities for businesses and communities across the world. This year, as we celebrate 40 years of FTA, global trade is facing fresh challenges. But FTA believes it is, and remains, the most powerful leverage for human prosperity we have. 



At a time of growing concerns around open trade, human rights, and environmental resources, FTA deems the responsibility to address these issues as more important than ever. This year’s conference will focus on the ways in which businesses can embrace international trade and embed sustainability principles, processes and practices into their operations and across their supply chains.


Through a series of relevant and powerful talks, debates and workshops, attendees will be given the tools and practical guidance to address future trade challenges and remain resilient in a changing environment. Addressing topics including the collective power of small companies, going beyond tier 1, sourcing raw materials and the impact of protectionism on sustainable trade, sessions will clarify policy debates, help attendees define their principles, enhance their leadership and leverage their creativity




Sponsoring the FTA Conference demonstrates a commitment to FTA's mission of improving sustainability in global supply chains. This is an effective way to raise companies’ profiles to a targeted audience of key industry players and high-level stakeholders.