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GovTech and GovTech4all Webinar “Policy Makers Leading the Way: Building a Successful GovTech Ecosystem with Startups”


14 Nov 2023 14:30




Innovation & Enterprise

Event Description

Policy Makers Leading the Way - GovTech Connect & GovTech4all Webinar


The Webinar “Policy Makers Leading the Way: Best Practices to Build a Successful GovTech Ecosystem with Startups” aims to increase the number of members of the GovTech Connect community and animate and engage existing members. Moreover, the Webinar aims at showcasing the first activities of the GovTech4all project. Another key objective of this event is to stimulate discussions around the role and practices of national governments and Central Public Administrations in fostering the GovTech ecosystem.


GovTech Connect - Fostering digitisation of public sector and green transition in Europe through the use of an innovative European GovTech platform is a project created under DG CONNECT of the European Commission and carried out by a consortium formed by Intellera, The Lisbon Council, Politecnico di Milano and PUBLIC.


Govtech4all is a pioneering GovTech incubator aimed at fostering collaboration between European governments in the adoption of cutting-edge technological solutions. This consortium comprises 21 digital agencies from 14 different European countries. Over the period from 2023 to 2025, Govtech4all is actively facilitating three collaborative pilot projects among government agencies to encourage the reuse of solutions developed by other nations and the procurement of innovative solutions from startup companies. Another round of pilot initiatives is slated for launch in 2025.




14:30 - 14:40

Welcome & Introduction

Welcome and presentation of the GovTech Connect Project


14:40 - 15:00

GovTech4all Project overview

Presentation of the Project and its pilots, overview of Project activities in its first months


15:00 - 15:50

GovTech Policy Panel

Panelists will present national relevant examples and their real experiences concerning the "uptake" of innovative GovTech solutions by central public administrations


15:50 - 15:55

GovTech Connect Community

Presentation and highlights of the GovTech Connect Community, including the new page on GovTech4All


15:55 - 16:00

Closing remarks and next steps