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GSS 2015 Conference on Global Systems Science: Everything is Connected


28 Oct 2015 to 30 Oct 2015


  Genova  --

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L - Conference, forum

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NGOs / Think Tanks


Science & Policymaking

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The GSS conference is organized annually by projects funded in GSS - Global Systems Science. Last year the conference was organized across three continents (US-Europe-China) to show the reach of this now globally active community of researchers and policy makers. This year's conference will be jointly organized with the Genoa Science Festival.

The conference will consist of public lectures, sessions on finance and economics, urbanism, participatory approaches to policy and a session devoted to data and models with a strong emphasis on contributions from High-Performance Computing (HPC). The GSS Young Scholar Award recognising exceptional young researchers who have made outstanding contributions to Global Systems Science will be attributed during the conference. The Call for Participation is open.

From the conference abstract: "(...) The advent of globalisation, the internet, and instantaneous propagation of system state have outrun human ability to understand the complexity of modern, global systems. In parallel, our ability to capture information about events in the real-world, to communicate, to store, and to analyse such information has made extraordinary progress. We are approaching a state where almost everything that determines how we live is capable of being observed and analysed. Global systems science (GSS) is a policy-related scientific program dedicated to research in applying systems science and large scale data analysis and models to global challenges including climate change, pandemics, sustainable growth, energy sufficiency, financial crisis, urbanisation and global conflict."

The conference will be co-organised by the Global Systems Science Cluster in the European Commission, the Genoa Science Festival, and the Centre of Excellence for HPC and GSS. The preliminary programme is available.

Participation to GSS 2015 is based on registration. If you want to participate please fill in the registration form at Registration GSS 2015.

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