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29 Jan 2020 16:30 to 19:00


European Parliament, Room ASP 1G2



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Event Description

A discussion on the Just Transition mechanism with the European Commission as well as local, national and regional authorities and civil society who are the key drivers and most impacted by the ecological transition.

Simultaneous interpretation in FR, DE, EN, ES and EL

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16:00 – 16:30  REGISTRATION

Meeting point: European Parliament, at the main entrance of the Altiero Spinelli building (access via Place Luxembourg). Mandatory temporary access stickers will be distributed to registered event participants which enables access to the European Parliament for one day (this is not required for people who already have access badges).


· Younous Omarjee, Chair of the REGI committee, GUE/NGL (France)

· Martina Michels, Member of the REGI committee, coordinator for the GUE/NGL (Germany)

·  Eric Von Breska director of DG for Regional and Urban Policy at the European Commission

Q&A with the room

17:15- 17:55
The Just Transition in the regions

·  Dimitrios Papadimoulis, Vice President of the EP and Substitute Member of the REGI committee, GUE/NGL (Greece)

·  Antonia Mertsching, Member of Parliament of Coal Region Saxony (Germany)

·  Sokratis Famellos, SYRIZA MP and former Alternate Minister for Environment and Energy of Greece (2016-2019)

·  Video Statement by Mr Torsten Pötzsch, Major of Weißwasser (Germany)

· Q&A with the room

18:15 – 18:50
A just transition in questions : other perspectives

·  Cornelia Ernst, Member of the ITRE committee, GUE/NGL (Germany)

·   Katie Treadwell, Energy policy Officer at WWF

·   Ana Cristina Pérez García former councillor in Andorra (Teruel)   (tbc)

·   Nicolas Brookes, Executive Director Policy, CPMR

·  Q&A with the room

18h50 – 19h
Conclusions, debate, and proposals

Petros Kokkalis, Member of the ENVI Committee, GUE/NGL (Greece)

Martina Michels, Member of the REGI committee, GUE/NGL (Germany)

Younous Omarjee, Chair of the REGI committee, GUE/NGL (France)

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