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How does EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) contribute to a resource-efficient Europe?


27 Nov 2013 11:00


Boulevard Charlemagne 1
1040  Brussels

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S - Workshop, course


Sustainable Dev.

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According to the EU Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe, each year in the EU we throw away 2.7 billion tonnes of waste.

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) was introduced in the 2008 Waste Review as a means to support the design and production of goods, efficiently using resources during their entire life-cycle. However, EPR is not consistently applied throughout Member States.

  • In what way does EPR fit into the Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe?
  • How can industry and policymakers work together to define common criteria for EPR at EU level?
  • What are the current best practices in Member States?
  • How close are we to realizing the ambition of low cost, low environmental impact, cradle-to-cradle packaging systems?
  • What is the perspective of “obliged industry”? Should responsibility (financial or otherwise) lie directly with producers or could it be shared with third parties?

Fondation EurActiv is pleased to invite you to a round table debate to explore answers to these questions.

Invited contributors include:

  •  Satu HASSI, MEP
  • Olivier DE CLERCQ, Policy Officer, Waste Management & Recycling, DG ENV
  • Piotr BARCZAK, Project Officer Waste and Air Quality, EEB
  • Hans VAN BOCHOVE, Vice-President Public Affairs and Government Relations, Coca-Cola Enterprises
  • Erika MINK, ‎Director Environment Affairs, Tetra Pak International


Frédéric Simon, Editor,

More details can be found in the attached event programme.



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