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The impact of Covid-19 measures on the lifestyle of our children (Webinar)


18 Nov 2020 14:30





Event Description

Nowadays it is known that Covid-19 itself has very limited effect on children and young people, however, the measures to contain the pandemic have a significant impact on this group. An increase in weight as well as an increase in inequality can be expected in children and young people as a direct result of an unhealthy lifestyle during this Covid-19 period, especially among the most vulnerable ones. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted once more the importance of a healthy lifestyle and adequate weight.
In this context the Youth Health Community organises its first webinar with the aim to connect both local and national professionals from around the world, policymakers and academics together with representatives of the private sector who work on and are interested in a healthy lifestyle and environment for young people worldwide. The webinar will bring together a line-up of highly esteemed speakers who will reflect on the topic and steer the discussion towards a joint statement.