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Improving quality and safety of healthcare


09 Dec 2013 23:00



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M - Seminar, presentation

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Federations / Associations


Health & Consumers
Innovation & Enterprise

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European standardization in the healthcare sector has traditionally been limited to medical devices and e-health applications. Nevertheless, in recent years there has been an increasing level of demand from stakeholders in relation to the standardization of healthcare services. Some of the factors driving standardization in this area are:

  • the increase in patient mobility supported by the EU Directive on patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare (2011/24/EU)
  • improving the quality healthcare services and patient safety
  • the need to improve the efficiency of healthcare systems, which are faced with ageing population and increasing needs.

The aim of this event  is to present the standardization work in relation to healthcare services and to have an exchange of views with stakeholders (patient representatives, European Commission, healthcare professionals, public authorities, etc.) on the role of standardization in this area.

Following an introduction of the European policy context, there will be an introduction of the European standardization system and some practical examples of the European standardization work in the area of healthcare services. Some examples of standardization work at national level will also be presented. The seminar will end with a panel discussion on the role of European standardization in relation to healthcare services.


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