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Intellectual Property: Does it drive or block innovation?


10 Jun 2020 16:00





Event Description

Nowadays, it is generally accepted that innovation is a principal determinant of a company's success. But differences of opinion persist amongst economists and policymakers about the exact role of intellectual property in relation to innovation.

Innovation and scientific breakthroughs provide the best and most sustainable solutions to the challenges that humanity faces, be it ecological or the COVID-19 crisis. It is new technologies and innovative medical solutions that will help to tackle these challenges. Protection of IP rights is a necessary precondition to innovation, and we shouldn't sacrifice global prosperity for short-term benefits of weak or absent IP rights.

Join us in this panel discussion between Michele Boldrin (Joseph Gibson Hoyt Distinguished Professor in Arts & Sciences at the Washington University in St. Luis) and Fred Roeder (Health Economist and Managing Director at the Consumer Choice Center)

When: Wednesday, June 10th, 2020 at 4 PM CET

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