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Introduction to EU Asylum and Migration Law


28 Nov 2019 to 29 Nov 2019


European Centre for Judges and Lawyers (ECJL)



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About this course
The primary objective of the training is to explain the policy considerations and legal concepts related to asylum law as developed in the European Union’s Area of Freedom Security and Justice. The course primarily aims to examine the core principles, concepts and some EU specific institutions related to asylum and refugee law as evolved in the EU’s Common European Asylum System (CEAS). This will be complemented with an introduction to policy considerations and legal concepts related to regular and irregular migration. The training will explain the challenges of policy formulation and regulation of asylum matters and t is within this context the training seeks to specifically address the EU’s new legislative and policy responses to the current ‘migration crises’. A crises which does not simply pose a challenge in itself but also entail much broader questions about Europe’s future, identity and responsibility.
What you will learn in this seminar:
Participants attending the course will have a distinguished understanding of
  • EU law and policy related to asylum and migration
  • The key issues pertinent to the recent ‘migration crises’
  • The European and national responses to the ‘migration crises’
Who is this seminar for:
Practitioners dealing with aspects of European integration, government officials, legal practitioners, administrators and officers from EU institutions and agencies.


EASO - European Asylum Support Office
Head of Communications and Public Relations Sector
EASO - European Asylum Support Office
Reception Officer / Vulnerability Officer
IUCN European Regional Office
LIFE4BEST Project Officer
European Institute of Peace
European Policy Support Internship
UNESCO Liaison Office in Brussels
Administrative Assistant (replacement)
European Parliament, Manuela Ripa MEP-elect
Assistenz (APA) für Öffentlichkeitsarbeit