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Mobile Meetings Series: The Mobile Industry’s perspective on Artificial Intelligence


24 Jan 2019 09:15 to 11:00


Regent Park, 1st floor,
Boulevard du Regent 35
1000  Brussels


Innovation & Enterprise

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gradually emerging as a general-purpose technology. The number of potential applications has triggered significant investments in research & development by large technology companies. However, as private investment on AI in the US and China outweighs Europe’s own investments by a factor of three, the EU risks lagging behind the international competition. Moreover, the amount of resources required to stay abreast of the latest AI developments cannot be met by a single Member State, creating a clear rationale for co-ordinating efforts at the EU level. In its AI Strategy, the EU promotes a human-centric and values-based approach to AI with the ambition that this ethical approach will be Europe’s edge in the global race for AI leadership.
Mobile networks are an important enabler for the further development of AI. Flexible high speed mobile internet, enabled via 5G networks, and the development of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and services will fuel AI and create an environment of‘Intelligent connectivity’. Pending the necessary investments in AI and 5G, this “Intelligent Connectivity” will introduce a suite of products and services in many verticals, with potential applications varying from operations and network planning, to platforms and services. In short, AI is expected to fundamentally change the telecommunications sector.
This GSMA Mobile Meetings Series roundtable will bring together a group of 20 selected stakeholders, including EU decision-makers and industry experts, to foster discussion on the following key questions:
  • What is the mobile industry’s perspective on AI?
  • What are the conditions for a flourishing AI ecosystem?
  • What does the mobile industry need in terms of policy to exploit AI’s full potential and vice-versa?
  • Which measures are needed to ensure that innovators are able to access, re-use and share data, while complying with data protection rules?
  • How would the mobile industry establish consumer trust in AI technology and encourage European companies to compete with their equivalents in the US and China?
This event is by invitation only and will be held under the Chatham House rule. Registration will be granted on a first-come first-served basis and limited to one representative per company.
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