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Multi-functionality and Sustainability in the European Union’s Forests


11 May 2017 12:00

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L - Conference, forum

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Federations / Associations


Climate & Environment

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You are invited to the
Launch of the EASAC policy report on forests:
“Multi-functionality and Sustainability in the European Union’s Forests”
Thursday 11 May 2017, 12:00 – 14:15,
Palace of the Academies, Rue Ducale 1, Brussels
in the Rubens Room (main building)
European forests have multiple functions - from wealth and employment creation, the production of natural resources and raw materials for industry and bioenergy production, 
provision of spaces for leisure and recreation, conservation of nature and biodiversity, to mitigation of, and adaptation to, climate change. This multi-functionality creates conflicts between different uses and stakeholders, and presents considerable challenges for policymakers to avoid conflicts and to enhance sustainability and synergies between different policy domains. A multidisciplinary group of European experts has reviewed the latest scientific knowledge to develop recommendations for sustainable forest management in the EU that delivers the optimal social, environmental and economic benefits.
[12:00 light lunch available] 
12:20 Welcome and introduction to EASAC by Professor Thierry Courvoisier, President of EASAC 
12:25 The scientific process and findings of the project
  • Professor Jaana Bäck, University of Helsinki, Finland (Working Group Chair)
  • Professor Sebastiaan Luyssaert, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Professor Olli Tahvonen, University of Helsinki, Finland
13:00 Policy implications from EASAC's perspective – Professor Michael Norton, Director of the EASAC Environment Programme
13:10 Panel discussion with
  • Mr Harald Mauser European Forest Institute (EFI)
  • Ms Emma Berglund Confederation of European Forest Owners (CEPF)
  • Ms Hanna Aho FERN
  • Mr Ulrich Leberle Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI)
  • Representatives of European Commission and European Parliament (invited)   
13:45 Open discussion of the panel with the audience
14:15  End of event [followed by coffee]
Palais Des 
1 Hertogstraat / 
Rue Ducale
Brussels, 1000

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