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Power to the People - A New Energy Model


17 May 2022 14:00


Rue d'Edimbourg 26
1050  Ixelles, Brussels



Event Description

Today, with the current energy crisis, we are paying the price of  decades of liberalisation and privatisation of the EU energy model. The marginalist pricing model allows big energy companies to sell cheap renewable energy at the price of expensive fossil fuels such as gas and coal, giving rise to fluctuations and speculation with all kinds of windfall profits. While people in Europe struggle to make ends meet and pay unprecedented bills to heat and light their home, European energy companies have hit the jackpot. 

The Left in the European Parliament has been campaigning for a radical change in the EU energy model to ensure that the energy system serves people and planet and not the profits of big energy corporations. The panel discussion aims to bring together the voices of workers, communities and social movements working to ensure the right to energy in Europe and identify the key milestones to redesign a new energy system based on renewables and under public control. 

At the end of the event, The Left has the pleasure of inviting you to a cocktail reception that will be served in Mundo-B's cafeteria

Interpretation: German, English, Spanish, Portuguese.