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Predictive Power of Marine Science in a Changing Climate


07 Apr 2014 06:00 to 08 Apr 2014 16:00



Event Type

S - Workshop, course


Climate & Environment

Event Location

Marine science and climate change

Event Description

This strategic event focuses on the current capabilities of the predictive tools and programmes aimed at describing the future scenarios of the marine environment changes, and at identifying the gaps in our present knowledge of the marine science in terms of atmosphere-ocean interactions, sea water dynamics, role of marine chemistry in diagnosis of the present stay and prediction of future perspective, and interaction of ocean dynamics and ecology.

The conference will gather European researchers who specialise in the studies of marine environment, both in the biotic and abiotic aspects, in their relation to the changing climate. They will address a vast array of different European marine environments, from oceanic waters to very brackish basins such as the Baltic, and will also discuss how climate changes affect all aspects of environment, from physical and chemical through biological processes and thus marine fauna and flora.

Should you wish to attend the event, please contact the María Victoria Serrano Blázquez, Conference Officer: