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Renewable Energy for 5G Europe Conference


23 Jan 2020


TownHall Europe


Innovation & Enterprise

Event Description

Digital technologies will act as a real game-changer in the transition to a sustainable Europe, as they can realise gigantic energy efficiency gains across all sectors, and transform the energy sector by enabling a massive decentralisation of electricity grids. But without 5G mobile networks and a drastic expansion of renewable energy, this transition will come to a grinding halt.
To learn more about the transformatory power of 5G and the interlinkage with the renewable energy sector, we are organising the first Renewable Energy for 5G Europe conference.
Join us at this exciting event to get a solid introduction into the world of 5G and renewables. Not only will we discuss how mobile network operators themselves can switch entirely to renewable energy (via corporate sourcing, PPAs and policy measures), but we will also zoom in on energy efficiency of 5G networks and their enabling potential for other industries.