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17 Apr 2013 22:00



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COST Action TU0905 ‘Structural glass – Novel design methods and next generation products’ organises a mid-term conference in 2013. This two-day international conference addresses the challenging and rapidly evolving domain of structural glass.

The main theme of the conference is structural glass, which embodies the application of glass as a structural material in architectural and civil applications. Within this main theme, several sub themes are defined, which are listed below:

  • Thermal fracture of glass
  • Insulating glass units
  • Actions on glass structures
  • Thermal tempering of glass
  • Glass strength and aging of glass
  • Laminated glass & Interlayer properties
  • Numerical modeling & experimental validation
  • Structural glass design philosophy
  • Glass failure analysis
  • Structural glass connections
  • Architectural geometries with glass
  • Stability of glass components
  • Hybrid glass components

For more information on the event including the call for abstracts, please visit the conference website.