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Technical Assistance for EU Structural Funds programmes: moving from 2014-2020 to 2021-2027


26 Oct 2020 to 27 Oct 2020





Event Description

How will you prepare the next phase of technical assistance of Operational Programmes for Structural Funds? What are the details of the draft new Regulations for 2021-2027 on this topic? How to use all the options available of EU support? What are the lessons learned sofar?

Technical Assistance is funding drawn to support the administration of European Structural and Investment Funds. It is used to ensure that the activities which fall within the scope of the ESI Funds are managed, monitored and evaluated in line with applicable law, including the Common Provisions Regulation and the fund specific Regulations as well as the ECs delegated and implementing regulations. The objective of Technical Assistance is to support the efficient and compliant management and implementation of the ESI funds as well as to support robust governance, accountability and partnership engagement. This will help to ensure that OP performance targets are achieved and that the delivery of ESI projects, comply with applicable law.

This seminar will address these questions and compare details of the 2014-2020 and 2021-2027 regulations for technical assistance including the actions to reinforce the administrative capacity for the effective use of the ESI Funds. We will see how the draft regulations attempt to simplify and introduce new flexibility instruments and the possibility to allocate an additional level of technical assistance financial resources to overcome the issues occurred during the current programming period.

We will refer extensively to Member State experiences and cases of good practice which are being developed. There will be keynote interventions from senior managers from Member State and Managing Authorities, assessing the challenges and lessons learnt for programme implementation. This will include the description of innovative instruments and pilot projects already activated during the current programming period and a specific focus on the simplified cost options for technical assistance which are being developed and used.