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2013 EU Financial Regulation Conference


01 Oct 2013 12:00


Square Brussels Meeting Centre (formerly Palais des Congrès), Jardin du Mont des Arts


Euro & Finance

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To get Europe back on track towards long-term sustainable growth is a key goal in which the financial services industry has a vital role to play. The banking sector, institutional investor and capital markets all have an important contribution to make in channeling savings into long-term investments. Reinforced prudential rules for different market players may hamper their ability to channel funds into long-term investments, which in general are riskier and less liquid. At the same time, third country rules may, if not designed correctly, reduce the access to funding from international investors. How can we at the same time achieve financial stability and long-term growth? How can we achieve a regulatory environment, which creates the best conditions for the financial industry to channeling funds for long-term investments? Discussion points: Panel 1 - How can the banking sector contribute to long-term growth? Panel 2 - Long term investments - what role can institutional investors play in channelling long-term financing? Panel 3 - Taking the global perspective Panel 4 - How can securities markets fund long-term growth?