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Briefing by MEPs, back from the military trial of the Sahrawi Gdeim Izik political prisoners in Marocco


27 Feb 2013 14:00



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Wednesday 27/2/13, 15:00, EP press room, BXL
MEP Willy Meyer (GUE/NGL), AFET vice-chair and vice-chair of the EP Solidarity Intergroup with the Sahrawi People), observer during the trial
MEP Norbert Neuser (S&D), ACP-EU and chair of the EP Solidarity Intergroup with the Sahrawi People).
MEP Antonio Masip (S&D), JURI, lawyer, observer during the trial
Santiago A. Canton, Director of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights (tbc)

For 27 months, a group of 23 Sahrawi political prisoners was incarcerated in the Salé Rabat prison (Morocco) just because they took part in Gdeim Izik Camp. This protest camp, the first in the Arab countries, gathered over 20,000 Sahrawis in Laayoune (Occupied Territories of Western Sahara). It was violently dismantled by the Moroccan army, which prompted widespread condemnation from the international community, including the European Parliament. On 17 February 2013, a Moroccan military court condemned 25 Sahrawi political prisoners to life imprisonment or prison terms from 2 years to 20, 25 and 30 years. Two MEPs were present as observers during the military trial and they will brief on it.


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