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Brothers in Arms – Joining Efforts to Secure Lasting Peace in Europe


23 Feb 2023 13:00 to 14:30


L42, Rue de la Loi 42
Rue de la Loi 42
  Brussels and Online


Global Europe

Event Description

The event will be livestreamed here and on YouTube.

The war in Ukraine is approaching its one-year anniversary, with no end in sight to the fighting or the suffering. The past year has made clear that Russia turned out to be weaker than the majority of experts originally thought.

Nevertheless, it would be a serious mistake to underestimate Russia even now because it still possesses effective capabilities to kill, destroy, harass, and paralyse. In addition, they are capable of targeting civilian infrastructure without any moral qualms. Ukraine has received unprecedented support from the international community, but more must be done. In this panel discussion we’ll focus on the assistance provided by NATO and the EU to Ukraine, and on the next steps of NATO-EU cooperation not only to enable Ukrainians to win the war, but also to minimise Russia’s expansionistic potential and to secure lasting peace in Europe.




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