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Converged Worlds: Panel Discussion on Connected TV


02 Jul 2013 22:00



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M - Seminar, presentation

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Please register to join us in Brussels on 3 July from 4pm-6pm for a special event to discuss the issue of converged media and what it means for Europe’s future. *Cable Europe guests are also cordially invited to attend the Liberty Global | Telenet summer cocktail following discussions.
The convergence of media, evolution in services and explosion in use of devices for delivery has attracted the attention of consumers, business and decision-makers. The European Commission’s Green Paper, currently under public consultation, provides ample space for debate.

 The panel will be moderated by MLex Chief Correspondent for telecoms, Magnus Franklin with:

  • BEUC: Kostas Rossoglou, Senior Legal Officer
  • Cable Europe: Matthias Kurth, Executive Chairman
  • European Commission DG Connect: Lorena Boix-Alonso, Head of Unit, Converging Media & Content
  • IHS Screen Digest: Tom Morrod, Research Director & Senior Principal Analyst for TV and broadcast technology
  • Panasonic: Dr. Rudolf Eyberg, Director of Panasonic’s Development Centre for Audio, Video & Communication equipment & solutions

What is the value for consumers of portability of content across borders and devices? ·Is access to content always fair? · How can we incentivize content providers and platform providers to work together to create an appealing offer to the consumers? · What is the future of user control in this new, rapidly converging environment? · What can be done to promote competition between platforms and technologies? · How will Over the Top players fit into any potential regulatory structure? · What is needed to improve the efficiency of Europe’s rights clearance system and other barriers to online content? · How will connected TVs increase accessibility for less tech savvy users?

We are looking forward to an informed discussion - and debate with your input. Feel free to send additional questions for debate in reply to this email or share with us on Twitter mentioning #convergedEU.



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